09 June 2015

guilt with plants

 Neighbor Shane gave us a truckload of salad greens a few weeks ago, along with a bushel and a peck of radishes. If you have successfully grown salad lettuce you will know that it has to be washed thoroughly several times because it grows in dirt with bugs. So, well, there was a half hearted attempt to wash and dry it all, but it never really got clean and I don't have a salad spinner so it was wet forever. My gardening skills are remedial. I love garden veggies, but I don't quite get lettuce yet. And we ate a few radishes because, YUM!, but we have a literal bucketful on the patio that I didn't even touch. Bucket full.
I stole some poppies from the side of the road when my peonies started wilting. Then they wilted faster.

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julis said...

Guilt with plants. Ha! Basically the story of my life with Bountiful Baskets (when you don't have a Neighbor Shane, you have to pay for the plants you store in the frig and don't eat).