11 June 2015

memorial day: the most blogged of the minor holidays

Two weeks ago meant Memorial Day, which was during the period of great rains. 
It also meant fake sleeping with your real-sleeping son, using a 20-year-old hand-me-down tiger as a pillow.
 It meant hamming it up from holding hands to smooching in front of family headstones when you read your crowd and realized what a pleaser it would be.
 It meant a visit to some of our pioneers with the Clarks, followed by a Grampsie-birthday-dinner at Maddox, as per usual and me not knowing what to order because I like everything there but the main course. I think I got trout and it was pretty good.
Memorial Day 2014 with Norah weirdly bald
2013 with no actual documentation
2012 with lots of actual rain
2011 with the picnic table
2010 with no actual documentation again, but with cookie dough
2009 with the camping - pretty early to be camping.
2008 with the pictureless posting and the being a newlywed

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julis said...

I think Tigee is closer to 25 than 20. That's an old tiger. And apparently, a good pillow.