22 June 2015

you know what

- Moving is mostly waiting. It's boring. Until this weekend, of course, when it will be 102 degrees. Then it will be all action! 

- We are way under budget this month! What good news. Good job, us. Except that we are probably going to eat out 5 or 6 times this week (since I've packed up most of the kitchen and will finish that up here shortly) and moving is expensive and we also need about sixty gallons of paint for our Almond Tree House so we will probably even out by the 30th. But still, go us.

- Calvin likes that swing. I am personally a little glad we didn't put it up sooner because the grass under it is dead as doornails.

-I think because of the unfocused stress and inactivity combo this upcoming move has given me (waiting, waiting, waiting) I have become reobsessed with Gilmore Girls. Not that I ever hated it or anything, but I am on daily rations now, and it is soothing. All that rapid fire wit, it's calming like the ocean. We watched a Nick & Nora movie this weekend and they talk like that too. So soothing.

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