16 July 2015

at home

I moved to Logan all by myself 8 years ago. I felt at home pretty quickly in my little yellow brick house that I practically had to myself all summer, empty except when Britt came to visit. (She spent more time there than my supposed roommate, it seems, even though she only came up a few times.)  Last night we went to visit Britt in Midway at her parents' cabin--a place that makes everyone feel at home.

The day we looked at our house for the first time I just sort of knew we would call it home. It was a little dark, a little expensive, but I didn't notice all of the sponge painting (ALL OF THE YELLOW AND BROWN SPONGE PAINTING.) or the broken blinds or the crazy carpet downstairs (which I'm obviously used to anyway, 1941 house). Every subsequent time I came in, or even loitered outside, I felt at home. And sometimes I cried, because I am awesome. We had a bunch of gunk hold us up regarding the appraisal and the underwriting timeframe, but I just still knew we'd be home soon, except that I was a little worried I was wrong and then I'd sure feel foolish. But I actually knew that wasn't going to happen because I knew I hadn't found the house on my own, but that we had had a lot of help from the Spirit guiding us along.

I would love to show you some more of the house (Ab) but at this juncture...I can't get my iphone pictures to upload to our new pc. I will probably figure it out though, right, as a person of the technology age? I felt like the oldest fogey-est grandma at Best Buy checking out computers, though, the other night. Why can't they just leave well enough alone? Instead of being rewarded for taking good care of my technology and using it for 8 years, I am being punished by being way behind the times. It is not my favorite. Hey, technology, JUST STOP FOR A MINUTE, geez.

As I type this the kids are demonstrating one of the virtues of our house: the circular layout. Kitchen, dining room, living room all connected in a way that one (or more) can run around the rooms as if on a track. Or in this case, one can pull a littler one by the feet, dragging her in circles as if on a track.


julis said...

It is perfect for your family, that almond tree house. Hopefully the baby-pulling was fun for the baby, too, and not just the puller.

melissa said...

she surprisingly liked it. she has been quite a party girl this week, enjoying all kind of things i thought she'd hate.

Abby said...

Gotta love a circular layout!
Maybe I'll just have to come visit!
Good work, mama, moving stinks.

Britt said...

Hooray for your new house (way late), hooray for Logan visits that summer, hooray for that shirt that I miss, but luckily wore so often that it is well-documented in many photos.