20 July 2015

now we're cooking with gas

The kitchen in this house is a huge upgrade. The dishwasher stays put, there is a window above the sink, and a bar area for stools. Even so, there's a little bit of pearls before swine going on (swine being me) because I miss my flat cooktop for its ease of cleaning. And I keep burning things over my new gas flames. Not that I want my old kitchen back (what a joke). There may be lot of brown in there, but there is also a lot of awesome amazing kitchen in there too where I have already cooked for several large groups and died over the vast counter space.

Here is a brief memo of one thing I love about the house:
1. The Dining Room: The long table we bought this spring fits perfectly, the window is huge, the French doors go right outside to the brilliant covered patio. I can see the whole backyard and any children therein. There's no screen in the window, which may seem to some like "damage" but to me is awesome because I could (potentially) hand otter pops out it to playing children. It's bright and sunny, but even on the 100-degree days we had at first it isn't too hot if the curtains are closed until after breakfast--and on cloudy days it's nice and bright and cozy.

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