22 July 2015

this one time

I thought it would be more interesting to write about family history than write about how I made cookies again or went to the park (again) so I started doing that. Then I stopped doing that! It required that I put in a tiny bit of work and I take my non-working mom status seriously, so I had to stop. Also, over the winter I started using nap time to run on the treadmill or take a nap. I am still a little sad I didn't stay more gung-ho about that blog. It's not dust in the wind yet or anything, but I have done something easier to maintain with my old scanned in family photos. The ancestor wall has begun! I put it in the tv room so that when you reach the boring part of the show (where they're fleshing out characters or being redundant) you can look around and see your ancestors, who happen to be watching the show too. So far so good (more ancestors coming soon to a tv room near you me).

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