21 August 2015


The other day I sent Calvin to his room for some very unwelcome behavior. It has been happening repeatedly and I don't really like it, so he stayed in his room from 4:30-------on. I think he got the picture. Meanwhile Norah was killing me by looking adorable. It's like she knew and was cashing in on my attention. Did I mention Nate was out of town that night? Just me and them. One hating me, one loving me.

Anyway, today is not the same; Nate came home for lunch and we're going out for Mexican food tonight. I finally figured out how to print to our ancient (5 year old) printer from our newfangled computer (I hated every second of that process). I canned a "test batch" of pears. Turns out I hated that process too. Also our canner is technically illegal. Should I just cut my losses and gorge on pears for a couple of weeks or try again? I'm sure I'll do another small batch so Marilla Cuthbert isn't disappointed in me.

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julis said...

I don't think Marilla will mind. She was surprisingly understanding.