03 August 2015


 Pioneer Day FINALLY rolled around and Calvin was dying to hike the Wind Caves. For weeks leading up to it he would say, "Is it Pioneer Day yet? In only two weeks we can hike the wind caves!" He was so excited. And if you'd like to know why, it's because we promised him last year that we could bring zebra cakes and doritos to eat in the caves as our snack again next time; since he is an elephant he never forgets and has been counting down 364 days until his next zebra cake. Let me tell you, he earned that processed sugar he did. It's not like a killer hike for experts only, but it's pretty hard. 

1. Leave a little earlier in the morning (7:00 instead of 8:00) It takes about a half hour to get there and then it took 1 hour 20 minutes to hike to the caves. It took just over an hour down.(It is two miles each way.)
End of notes.
 I have a lot of pictures like this.
 Calvin learned with dismay what switchbacks are. Last year I don't think he grasped the concept.


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Catherine said...

Zebra cake motivation is no joke!