11 August 2015


She is in that adorable stage of speech where it's "hold you" and "change you." She also says "my turn" a lot, which isn't a phrase Calvin had down at that age for obvious reasons; same with adding "too" to everything. She says "Sorry!" whenever you bump into her and "down" when she wants you to pick her up and put her on something. She loves fruit and bread and sweets of every kind. She can drink from a cup but really prefers a straw (she's very dainty). She likes to get dressed, especially in pants. Oh man, when I try to get her to wear a dress without pants under it she has a hard time. "Pants on! Pants on!" Ok, ok, pants on, geez.


Catherine said...

Oh, what a sweetie! Happy two, Norah!

julis said...

Love me some Norahstrongbaby! Now, of course, she's Norahstrongsister. xxoo