05 September 2015

in which norah's face is really expressive, nate does a lot of tasks and i lie down after moving a big mirror

I should probably not have moved that mirror on my own, but I didn't break it so it really doesn't matter now. I also should probably stop cutting my own hair but it's so easy it's hard to stop. Norah should really give facial expression lessons because hers are bomb and (Calvin should stop being sassy) and Nate did all the tiny tasks today. Over here, over there, screw in that loose board, fix the broken door, maunch the dead branches, cook the dinner, fly the kite and sprint like mad to try to catch it before it flies over the church (unsuccessfully) ETC. I lay down several times because although I am not nearly as sick as I was when I was pregnant with Norah, I am apprehensive about it getting worse. I am taking it easy. By now (only seven weeks) I was a zombie last time, and I am over half human now, so maybe I don't have to worry? But I can't help but wonder does this mean it's not a girl? (I thought it was.) (But then again I thought Norah was twins.) (Shows what I know.)


Catherine said...

Melissa!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I'm pleased you didn't break that mirror (or yourself). You're both great :)

julis said...

I never get tired of hearing about your days, and about how awesome Nate is. Seriously, he's my favorite son-in-law. I hope sincerely that you stay at least half human this time. And way to not break the mirror and thereby incur 7 years of bad luck. 7 years is a long time.

Abby said...

YAY! I'm a little surprised, and thrilled! Congrats, and I hope you feel the best yet with this one!

Every baby is different- don't rule out a girl yet- or twins!

I want to come see your house. It looks lovely!