29 September 2015

secret move #37

Yesterday, more than usual, I was mourning my inability to go running due to being sick and fatigued. I haven't exercised consistently for about 3 weeks, and missing that outside time/alone time/strengthening time bums me out bad. I was especially sick yesterday and I thought, Well, that's it. I'm not going to be able to be a cool running mom this time. I know I missed some time with Norah's pregnancy, but I didn't know how long. And then I looked at my own blog from May 2013. Voila! I was told by me that I missed six weeks of running before I got back into it. Six weeks! And I could still go! So yay, blog, and yay trying again in a couple of weeks.

I also sort of feel like I'm missing fall, but actually it's still been too hot to really be fall. And actually we had a nice picnic up Smithfield Canyon on Saturday that was very fally (except too hot).

I also went for a walk with a neighbor this morning, so at least I got outside. My neighbor said something casual and completely understandable about how long this "nice weather" will last and I went a little crazy..."I'm hating this weather!" I screamed. I am in need of some cool smoky breezes. I think she was taken a little off guard, but really agrees. It is nearly October and my AC is on full blast. Now I'm going to talk myself out of continuing to whine about the weather. Look! Calvin was walking over a creek on a log:


B said...

Agreed about the weather. Too hot. We haven't gone on vwry many walks this summer because it gets so hot so fast and that makes me feel weak and queasy. I hope we get a good fall and it doesn't fo straight to winter

melissa said...

oh me too. i need some walking weather.