23 September 2015

waste of time

I remember so clearly the French teacher I had at BYU for my first two years of language classes. She was a large, blond, fuzzy-haired graduate student studying French Caribbean literature. She hated, hated, hated the crazy, insane, OCD teachers who used the overhead projector between each class (every day) who wound up the cord after every use. Ah, I laugh to think about it. She hated it so much. She thought it was such a waste of time. Every day she had to unwind it before plugging it in and it took her about seven wasted seconds. I think about it every time I wind up the vacuum cord, or sweep, straighten books, or do one of a million repetitive, almost pointless homekeeping tasks. Almost pointless, but not quite.
This morning we made applesauce with some apples from the Petersons' tree. I have done this about every year for the past at least five years, and it never turns out great because those apples aren't great applesauce apples. I don't know what kind of apples they are, but they are not applesauce apples. Making the applesauce took about two hours. The applesauce isn't very good. It's bland and doesn't mush right. It's sort of wasted time and energy--especially when energy is in such short supply these days with the first trimester and all--but still I can't admit that it was wasted time. It made Calvin practice using the peeler and having to do it just right. It made our kitchen smell nice. It used up some of the 5 gallons of apples. It was good practice. We'll still eat the sauce (probably). Maybe not the most efficient and productive morning, but nah, not wasted time.

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B said...

Mopping is one that i struggle with. Seems like two seconds after the floors are messy again. I know they would be worse if I didn't mop but I still struggle to feel like it is a good use of time.