12 October 2015

a monday thing

I love Monday mornings. Our usual routine would begin with me getting up early to exercise, but that doesn't happen right now. I think it will again soon. The exercise has to be at home, however, because Nate has been really diligent about his Mon/Wed/Fri gym routine since he turned 30 in June. I don't think he's ever missed out of pure laziness or even legitimate tiredness. Just work. Anyway, after the non-exercising on my part, we eat. Then morning work commences.

Calvin is a huge advocate of morning work, which is fortunate since the concept was invented for his edification. He is actually helpful and does real jobs that I don't want to do, and loves it. I have 100% of the control on what this morning work will be, but on Mondays it always includes getting the milk and eggs from the delivery box outside and sorting mom and dad's laundry. Other possible tasks include cleaning his room, tidying the bathroom (where I always leave the bath toys out), taking the dishrags down to the laundry room, helping unload the dishwasher or building a fort in the living room. And getting dressed.

Norah helps with the laundry but is really just ornamental at this point.

This morning is a chilly one, so we all had hot chocolate, applesauce and toast for breakfast. Now I'm sitting at the kitchen bar looking out the back dining room windows, where I can see the tops of those wispy cottonwoods in the pictures up there. (They're at the park behind our house.) Calvin has commenced fort-building, so I am holding off on the rest of the morning work so I don't ruin the imagination playtime. Norah is crying wolf about her diaper repeatedly. I'm thinking about how I posted on Instagram about those trees making me fee like I'm in a Gainsborough painting, but upon Googling I have realized I actually a meant Constable. So that's embarrassing. jk.

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