18 October 2015


At this stage (of what else can I talk about but pregnancy) I am not guaranteed that I can even leave the house for church or Sunday Night Dinner--sometimes feeling so poor I make my escort turn around halfway there to take me home. Therefore I am taking this opportunity to plan the Great Peterson Family History Tour. (Obviously.)

I think we will take multiple trips, actually. Maybe up to four as follows:
1. US Church History tour. Between Nate's ancestors and mine, we have Mormon Pioneers who made nearly every leg of that journey, starting from the beginning. So to the places we shall go.
2. New England. Nate and I both have Mayflower ancestors (the same ones, actually), and much of the next few generations hung out in Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and New Brunswick and Alberta Canada. To those places we shall go (and see Plymouth and any old timey Pilgrim history sites we can find).
3. United Kingdom! This whole idea actually came from me wanting to get back there. Fortunately, the British Isles are scattered with our relatives so I have a handy excuse. Most of our time there would be spent in the southish part of England (near Stonehenge and then on the coast), but there are also some midland ancestors and even a few of Nate's in southern Scotland, plus one rogue Irishman. I also found a Welch contingent that I wouldn't mind making a detour for. These relatives are all within about six generations--further back, we have many many more British ancestors, but how far back should we take this thing? My Stricklan folks, for example, can be traced back to a castle in the very north of England, but really, that was a WHILE ago. They were in the US for centuries first. So we'll have to see about all that because we don't really want this thing to take three months. Or do we.
4. Scandanavia. (Peterson!) Probably more than half of both Nate's and my heritage come from Denmark or Sweden, many of whom are those Mormon Pioneers I mentioned. Well, all of whom are, I think. This part of the trip will be awesome, but also the scariest because we speak English.

Nate is totally behind my plans, don't worry! But I think to him they're more like "plans," whereas in fact they are definitely PLANS for real, just with an undefined deadline. I bought a map and have begun highlighting destinations and surrounding historical sites, natural wonders and points of interest.

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