30 October 2015

some things she often says

One of Norah's first multi-part-of-speech sentences is this: "This one goes right there." It is very frequently said. (Sorting is big around here.)

Some of her funniest confused-order sentences are these: "Blanket no on Norah." "Norah way back home." "One minute two weeks right back." "One, two, five." (When pretending to read.)

Some cute short ones are, "So messy, mom." "Yes, mom." "Push me, Calvin." "Go that way." "More outside, tramp-ine." "Watch me!" "Read book." "Norah do it." "Up here," which means help me climb. Lots of, "So cuuuute," and "So nice," and too much of "Mom too siiiiiick."

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