01 October 2015

this just in

My favorite new thing lately is getting my groceries delivered. Our local grocer is my favorite and they will deliver all the groceries for $5, inside my kitchen. It has been saving our lives. I also feel like they're doing me a huge favor every time. You brought all this food for us! Thank you! And I usually almost cry. Today I even bought Cache Valley strawberry freezer jam because I did not put up sufficient for our needs. We were out by June. It cost $5 and you can make about four times as much for $2 worth of strawberries in June, but it was worth it.

The other thing I keep liking is posting Instagrams and then deleting them. I can't stop!

The thing I still always like is when Calvin climbs up things, pictured above.

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B said...

Do you think they will deliver to me? That sounds fantastic and worth the $5