29 November 2015

all dressed up and nowhere to go

1. Sleep-ing Todd-ler. Shouldn't I be able to work nap schedules into my own schedule by now (as an experienced mother of over 5 years)?
2. My skirt is wool and vintage and maternity and amazing. It has these awesome zipper-like apparatuses on the side so it can get bigger as your belly grows. Ingenious. 
3. My coat is also a wool blend and fortunately swing style (thanks for that, mom).
4. It is about 19 degrees outside right now; hence the wool all over. 


julis said...

snazzy outfit! also, shouldn't there be a rhythmic clap after "sleep-ing todd-ler"???? (clap clap clapclapclap)

Catherine said...

That is indeed a super cool outfit! Also, I am coveting that maternity skirt. Awesome!!