23 November 2015

thankful for my job

I am glad my job is to stay home with the kids, but I mean more specifically that I'm grateful for the way Nate and I split money tasks. He earns every penny, and I spend it. NO I don't mean I shop a lot because--do we remember who I am--shopping is seriously the worst. But I do make use of what we have and figure out how to make it cover all the bases (and legs and feet and heads) awesomely.

Our first Christmas we got our Christmas tree for $15 and spent about $1.00 on paper for me to make ornaments, and I still thought we were stretching it. I am not nearly as efficient now, but I have found that by praying about everything (like stocking stuffers) and making lists and waiting on the bigger purchases (even only slightly big, like boots or a coat) we win. Of course we have been super lucky with family hand me downs and also of course Nate participates in this and is Captain Scavenger, but it is mostly my idea.

I get stressed out by it from time to time, but it is satisfying, and I'm ok at it. I like making budgets and keeping track of stuff anyway. I do always wish there was more to go around, but then again, every time there is more I wonder how I did it when there was less. Because I did it when there was basically none.

And related to this, I am like real real thankful for Nate's job. I go back and forth on who has it harder, but I think overall it's him. Even on the days where I accidentally touch the contents of Norah's diaper TWICE and spend too much time looking at house tours only to turn around and see our brown brown kitchen, I think it's him. Yay him.

The only part I need serious help on is how to keep a tall skinny boy from looking like a scarecrow. It is only going to get worse, and he will start to actually care at some point. Who knew it would be so hard?

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julis said...

You are better than "ok at it." You are Super Wonder Woman at it! Yay you! And Nate -- he's Wonder Super Man (strong, silent, patient, with a wicked good sense of humor). Yay Nate!