10 November 2015

thanksgiving month posting - thankful for

I'm thankful for children who are childlike. I used to get so annoyed when people talked about being childlike as a good thing-- don't they know that children are messy and loud and very very selfish? And they don't sleep at the right times? Sometimes I struggle to see past that part (a very un-childlike characteristic of mine). But the good parts of being childlike just can't be honestly replicated when you're a grown-up so you have to take the good with the less fun while you can. Children are so loving and forgiving, so proud of their accomplishments, so happy with simple joys, so willing to see past your dirty hair or tears of outrage or laziness or whatever. They are good. I am thankful that I get some of that goodness in my home; lucky me.

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julis said...

Lucky you now and lucky me 30 years ago. Children are messy and loud and break things. But they love, and feel joy, and are, in fact, good. And then they grow up and become your friends, just when you need some friends!