05 November 2015

turn a corner

I am a champion at making definitive statements before they are true, but I think I've gotten through the worst of the first-trimester ailments. Yay! It's good timing, too, since now I am in my second trimester. It is sort of that changing season all around here anyway. The weather has turned, daylight savings has allowed me to wake up rested, I am running again and cooking actual food for dinner. I want to rearrange and renovate the kitchen and rip up floors. It is nice to care about things again.

I feel like the kids have recently turned a corner in their relationship, too. They are sort of friends. They play together sometimes anyway, even if their games are seeing who yells loudest or throws the most crayons. They laugh together about it. It's pretty cool.
(And obviously, here is Halloween.)

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