20 November 2015

two days ago

 Wednesday wasn't going too great. I just couldn't get started. I just sat on the couch and tried to keep the kids going and bellies not too empty. (Mine especially. I have hit the dying of hunger phase of pregnancy.) And when we got to dinner time, the grill wouldn't grill. We still need to look into that (Nate...). 

But Norah said, "On Trampine!"
And Calvin said, "I'm being like Nephi!" As he helped me with a questionable gardening tactic that was messed up by the wind blowing. (Laying cardboard over grass to kill it over the winter? It's worth a shot I guess.)
They were so cute. Cuties.
 When I came inside to put the London Broil on the stovetop, I nearly stepped on Mater and Queen (but I didn't). 
And then everyone ate a TON of dinner, which I see as the best ending to a day.

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julis said...

Cute kids can make a bad day better if you let them. Good on you for letting them!