04 November 2015

we did do halloween

I don't have a photo to prove it although Nathan has several great ones on his phone, being held captive. Halloween was awesome actually! Saturdays are sometimes annoying to me because I want to chill and relax and yet if I don't "get anything done" I get really antsy and bored. I am a wonderful easy person to live with. But Halloween Saturday was wonderful because the weather was so good nothing bad could happen. That is a true cause and effect. After chilling all morning, I ran three miles. I made Norah's wolf vest. Nate got the oil changed. Norah napped (which has not been as taken for granted lately). Then we trick or treated and came home early and Nate and I watched a show. Perfect, like the weather.

Since there is no picture in this post I will instead post a random list of thoughts in my brain because I can do that on my blog:
1. I read Julie/Julia this week because I bought it at the thrift store in Smithfield for 50 cents. I didn't find it to be worth the 50 cents.
2. I have taken the children to the thrift store twice this week and once last week, and we are going to go back today to get something I've decided to get (if it's still there). It is a hot pink woven wall hanging, in case you were feeling some suspense.
3. Calvin told me he thinks he may need some new pajamas since all of his pants besides his new birthday ones go up to here (mid calf). I thought that was a fair assessment so we are going to try out the pajama outlet this morning.
4. I have an index card length list of things to purchase. Mostly boring things that most people would just BUY, but I have a hard time just buying things. I like to make it difficult by looking around a lot to find the cheapest and best and most vintage and least inconvenient (ironic, I know) way to purchase things--but I can't justify going the direct route because my way always always almost always gets me exactly what I want for usually nearly free. It just takes time. (Norah needs a bed and a dresser and some globes and Calvin needs some bedding and sheets and I want some curtains and a lamp and a watch...etc.)

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