17 December 2015

21 weeks today

Here I am on Halloween, about six weeks ago:
And nowadays:

1. Belly: It's big! But not like scary big. Some people still act surprised that I'm pregnant.

2. Jeans: I just put away my regular jeans this morning because I'm wearing holes in them by filling them up too much.
        2a: Dresses: I am cold in my summer-belly knit dresses! Maybe I'll get some maternity tights.

3. Food: There is just not enough food. There is for sure not enough non-sugary food and the sugary ones have been so mean to me lately by crashing me hard. It is kind of funny but also sad. :( sad sugar.

4. Worries: I have 'em. I keep being a worrier about this baby girl, but I have had lots of scientific and spiritual reassurances that IT IS GOING TO BE OK.

5. Pregnancy twins:  It seems like everyone who was pregnant just had their babies! Except my sister in law Jessica. But who else is there? Usually Kate the Duchess or somebody is pregnant with me...

6. Exercise: I have been doing it and yay! I run 2.6 miles a couple or 3 times a week. You might think that is a weird number, but if I walk a couple of minutes and then run slower than normal that's the distance I get on the treadmill in 30 minutes. I tried an official prenatal yoga video the other day but died yawning. I do sometimes do my own little "flow" of yoga, which I think is also helpful (legs get tight-->shoulders get tight--->headaches).

7. Feeling: Pretty normal! Like my non-pregnant normal. I cook, I clean, I care about stuff. Feeling good is a huge blessing and I am not taking it for granted.


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Catherine said...

I think you are the awesomest for exercising pregnant! I always think I will but then I never do. Maybe with maybe #3? (Not an announcement) Also, I totally get the needing-to-eat-on-schedule bit of pregnancy, and ending up eating tons of carbs because you have to eat so often! I got to where at the end of the day I was SO SICK of having to eat every 3 hours that I didn't even want to look at food anymore but if I didn't munch something I'd feel nauseated. It was dumb. I'm glad you're mostly feeling good this time around, and I'm really glad that you're having another sweet Peterso!