23 December 2015

it's christmas eve eve

Well when I was little, that's what we called it, anyway. These days people have overdone the cleverness and try to call it Christmas Adam, but I just can't fully get behind that. Eve eve.

(Hmmm Eve for a name for the baby?) (No, probably not.) (I was up late brainstorming names.) (AdaLeahPrudenceGwynethI'mGettingOutOfControl.)

Speaking of names, meet Oatmeal, the best snowman in the woild. I can't believe the snowmen Nate can conjure up. I seriously tried last week and it was pretty pathetic. Of course he (and Calvin, who really helped) had more snow to work with, but I think knowing when to start is half the snowman battle.

I went to the grocery store last night and decided anything I forgot we'll do without until Saturday. I got toothpaste for stocking stuffers and another Octonaut toy so we should be good anyway.
Here is a wonderful Christmas message that I loved.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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julis said...

I will probably go to the store one more time. Or two. I haven't really thought through the stockings yet. Probably because I can't find the stockings. #movingprobs