15 December 2015

lately with mr c

Calvin goes through phases of amazing us and then us getting acclimated to his awesomeness and then cranking it up and amazing us again. He's been on an upward spiral lately. Examples:

At church the other day I was picking up a family history box after the meeting and there was a pretty old picture on the front. Calvin looked at it and said, "Is that someone's progenitor?" And I was like, "Well, yes...what?!" The kids have been singing the Family History I am doing it song, which contains the word progenitors, but are we really expecting our five year olds to extrapolate it and use it in a sentence? No. We are not.
One of Calvin's beautiful progenitors, Myrtle Tracy Clark in 1921
He has been watching Fixer Upper with me and seems to love it more than I do.

Grandpa Ted has been super awesomely having "Grandpa Days" every couple of weeks where he picks Calvin up from preschool and then takes him out on some errands (usually Home Depot I think) and then they go back to his house to play all afternoon. It has been awesome for all of us. Like really really awesome.

He is taking items out of the garbage can to save them again. I have tried to tell him "Things aren't as important as people," but he really struggles with letting things go. I am the worst mother for this because I have very little patience for garbage.

We've been combing his hair for church and I finally bought some hair product to try to make it stay. Here's to not being homeless-looking in 2016.

He's the perfect age for Christmas and snow and Santa and singing Jingle Bells and advent calendars and is having a good time with all of that, or so it seems.

He is writing his name well and can write other words if you help him; he sounds things out and can do lots more addition than I would expect. He still likes to be read to. He has some letter books from school where he is supposed to identify a certain letter in each book to learn the upper- and lower-case of each letter, and a parent signs off every book three times after we read it together in order to get a new book. He has taken it upon himself to go through the books himself, and even initial it himself when he's done. Haha. That one made me laugh a lot.
 He is also physically growing and I think has growing pains at night, or something. These growing times are so hard on my tiny little store of patience because he has a hard time telling the difference between naughty and nice when he is so curious. Curious Mr Calv.

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Catherine said...

Calvin is the coolest kid we know :)