21 December 2015

snow is falling and friends are calling yoo hoo

There is a good park in Hyde Park up on the foothills. It is like a big bowl and therefore optimal for sledding. The snow has been falling for days which is also optimal for sledding.

I can't fit into my snow pants and Norah did NOT want to sled, so we just hung out at the swingset while the boys went crazy. And I mean crazy. After a while I wanted to take a run with Calvin so I started about midway where Nate and he had started--and it was way too fast and steep so I bailed right off that toboggan. Stopped dropped and rolled to safety (and nearly into a tree). Can you believe Calvin is braver than I am? It cracked me up. I was such a chicken. But it was fast. And steep. (Those pictures of Calvin going alone are at the place we started where I got scared. Nate started with him way further up the hill.)

I also forced Norah to go on a run with Nate. I usually let the kids choose to say no to any given recreational activity but this time I just made her. I didn't make her go more than once though, so don't worry about her.

There was no one else at the park for the hour we were there, even though it was perfect weather and it is clearly a popular sledding spot. We called yoo hoo until I got tired of being left out and listening to Norah whine like a kitten and then I said "One more run!" and we headed home to some homemade hot chocolate and lunch.

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