01 December 2015

week to week

 Last week while we waited for Thanksgiving to come, we read "Over the River and Through the Woods" lots of times, sang Christmas songs while I plunked out the top hand on the piano, and decided to remove the piles of leaves around our trees, which our elderly neighbor air-blower-moved for us weeks ago. It was supposed to snow and we didn't especially want to deal with all of them next spring after the thaw.
 Of course by "WE" I mean the children and me. Nate was in St George gallavanting  golfing with his dad and grandpa Sunday through Wednesday. Fortunately for my tired muscles they feared the snow as well and came come early Wednesday.
 I felt like a weakling after lifting Calvin in and out of that bin five times. Crossfit is like that too, I think.(??) And we only got 1 out of 2 piles done. Whew. 

It didn't actually snow until after Nate got home, and then we set the children in front of Frosty the Snowman and finished up the other pile, just after the nick of time (in the snow). 

Dear Hyde Park City, sorry we used your big garbage bin with the sign on it that says "no personal use" for our personal use. As I'm sure you noticed (since we live right next door) our little bin was absolutely full and those leaves aren't going to just disappear over the winter. You don't mind a minor infraction on a holiday, do you? Love, the Petersons' trees' owners.

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