08 January 2016

a day when calvin is five

Calv and I just spent 15 minutes looking through my 2011-12 blog to find out what his first words were. I tried to explain that he said, like, all the words, but he wanted to see if I wrote any down. I did, a few.

Then he wanted me to write down a day when he was five. That's today.

Norah is two. They are both dancing to "Different Colors" and "Work This Body" by Walk the Moon. It is really hard not to dance to Work This Body, am I right. So anyway, he knows most of the words to the songs we listen to and thinks they're all crazy. Norah sings a lot too. She'll just randomly say, "Sunbeat for HIM!" or "Thunder stand up!" (Which is the second verse of Ring Around the Rosie, I learned.)

 Earlier today she said, "Help me Captain Barnacles Can't Reach Bathroom," and I understood. Nate said, "How do you know what she said?!" The gift of tongues maybe? The other night Calvin came out of his room to urgently ask "Will we be able to remember anything we want once we get to heaven?" Nate said yes and Calvin said, "Cool."
"Come on Bobby, we gotta work this out," said Calvin, trying to get him to balance.

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julis said...

This is a very nice recounting of a Day When Calvin Is Five. I'm sure you'll look it up with him in a couple of years. I love you all very much!