26 January 2016

all these things that i've done

Good things: 
Melted down the candles I melted down a few weeks ago to put TWO wicks in. 
Made 9 cups of chicken broth
Made some yogurt that turned out pretty thick
(Picture of Norah unrelated. But she looks a lot like cousin Niko in it.)
Bad things:
Bought a bag of m&ms (I am not the mother who can hide candy for special occasions. Candy gets eaten as quickly as possible, period. I keep thinking I can rewire that part of my brain but I can not.)
Started watching season 2 of Fixer Upper (Apparently Fixer Upper is the same to my brain as candy is. I just can't stop.)
Messed up some merging and deleting people in Family Search while attempting to do some family history research. I am not really that great at it.

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