14 January 2016

can you tell me why

Death Cab 2003: CLASSIC. So perfect for gloomy boring sad winter days when you've lost count of the number of days where you haven't gone outside at all. Yikes. I don't think we've ever had a winter when we went outside to play less. That makes me feel bad. I'm really sorry about that, kids.

"Can you tell me why you have been sooOOooo sad?"

Why yes I can: Winter, Pregnancy, Work.

I realize that two of those things, or really all three (snow melt in the spring, right?), are actually blessings I should be grateful for. I am grateful for. I promise I am, I just don't feel it today. And I miss Nate being home for dinner. (And breakfast.)

But then my mom sent us a package with fuzzy pjs for Calvin and flower pants for Norah and maternity shirts for me and I randomly bought Norah some fox socks which also came today, so that was cheerful. Let's just take this long bone-chilling dreary sunless skyless winter one happy mailbox at a time. Thanks mom!

PS Also, I am so tired of running on the treadmill. But today I was thinking. I have a treadmill! A nice one. (Which I didn't have to buy.) And I can run on it! In my state that's pretty miraculous too.
25 weeks

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