25 January 2016


Calvin is so into playing games. I get that; I was the same way. Always begging someone to play slap jack or go fish or sorry. Calvin has go fish and this cute "race the ogres to the treasure" game he got for Christmas, plus candyland. He is generally good about losing or winning, but he always wants to play again if he lost and totally brags if he won.

I also finally threw away our old maid cards because he was such a cheater.

In other news, I cannot keep spills from my belly any longer. It has grown to the point where it just pulls liquids to it in drips. All of my shirts now  have at least one spot of stain (today's is tomato sauce, yay).

1 comment:

Catherine said...

First off, that picture of Calvin is incredible. Also, Niko loves games too! Bird games, pbs games, app games...there are no games he doesn't love! Niko and Calvin should be friends :)