13 January 2016

he's probably right

Nate came in through the garage door into the kitchen with some cheerful news, to which I replied that I had rearranged the living room again. He was not surprised--who would be after all these years--and plus after some neighbors dropped by the other day we realized how much we need more seating in there but buying another sofa is just not happening right now.

So he made his way to the dining room to get a glimpse of my new arrangement, probably thinking I had relocated another chair to the room.

"You are out of control," he said.

WELL...I did bring the 11-foot long solid wood church pew in from the patio (up three steps and through the dining room)...and I did move the piano (twice)...and it's absolutely not going to work the way I set it all up...but by the time I got everything in the room I had to lie on the couch and catch my breath (for two hours) so I couldn't perfect the arrangement.

Speaking of out of control, the scratches on the camera lens on my phone are just getting ridiculous. All of my pictures look like they take place upon a misty mountaintop. But who's getting a new phone? Not I!

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