12 January 2016

this way no that way

I was looking through the old family photos I have to find more to print for my ancestor wall, and these two in a row cracked me up. The Webb family, circa like 1970 maybe? It is not as 70s-licious as the one below a couple of years later, so it must be during the decade transition.


Jess Stricklan said...

They all look so much like themselves. And Mom is blind. Also, I think Jocelyn was wearing those shorts again about that age.

It's funny how you claim things as a child and don't always realize it. I used to think that's the Power Rangers front lawn and the OJ Simpson Chase front room and the hot tub back yard, but suddenly I realize it's really where Mom grew up and where Grandma and Grandpa were Mom and Dad and raised a family. Also, that my aunts were all little kids like Niko and Miriam.

Mind. Blown.

julis said...

Both of you make me laugh. In addition to the pictures, of course. Notice, yet again, that I'm the only (big) girl with short hair. Sigh. So when I say "story of my life," NOW THERE'S PROOF! xxoo