02 February 2016

a post like a motivational poster

 To be honest, I wish I was doing this mothering thing fifty years ago (no shock there).
But no matter the era, I want to make our home a place of 
appreciating nature
and lots of good healthy food
I want the kids to look back on their childhood and be able to say it was a good and happy time.

 Sometimes I feel like I just can't do that, even though I am THE MOM, because of my personality or because I'm lazy, my kids fight like crazy, I'm pregnant or tired or selfish or it's too cold or too hot or we don't have enough money or Nate gets home late and then I think, "Nevermind. We'll just see if we can survive."
But I need to remember that it doesn't all happen at the same time and a little effort goes a long way. It really does. Doing the dishes takes about two minutes and it helps. Playing "Race to the Treasure" with Calvin takes about eight minutes and it helps. Nine-minute-long family home evening packs a lot of prayers and scriptures into a small amount of times. Nate's hilarious bedtime stories to Calvin help. I still don't know if using my nice voice helps the kids use theirs (it doesn't seem like it), but I'll never know for sure unless I keep trying.


Nate said...

your face is pretty

Catherine said...

I feel like my laziness and selfishness are the number one factors in why I'm not as good of a mom as I *should be. I know I SHOULD get out of the house and take the kids to the park, but what if I wanted to sit on the couch and read?! We definitely end up just surviving most days but I think on some days I can overcome all that and we maybe thrive some.

*"should be"--says who?? I ask myself this all the time but I still care.

julis said...

1. Nate is correct (as usual). 2. That feeling never goes away, but in my experience it's what propels you forward and (this is the best part) THE CHILDREN DON'T SEEM TO KNOW! THEY THINK YOU'RE AWESOME! (which you are)