05 February 2016

bad comparison but good song

I left about 20 minutes later than I wanted to this morning so I could sweep the crumbs and empty the trash and leave no dishes there. Which made me sing, "When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I'm sure he took great care to close his shop and place his tools and leave no shavings there." My journey doesn't bear the same magnitude that his journey had, but I am currently sitting alone in a hotel room in Salt Lake, so there is some slight magnificence to my journey. I almost didn't care that I had to manually lock every door in the Sentra every single time I stopped the car, or the fact that I got my Cafe Rio salad to go and didn't get to eat it until 7:00 because of the jammed hotel room door. And then the second key that was for the wrong room. I am also excited about some of the things I learned today at Roots Tech. I wonder/hope if/that I'll be able to overcome my lack of desire to talk to people and answer my phone in order to implement them.


Catherine said...

Answering phones is the worst. I never do it.

julis said...

I'm so sorry to have passed this (these?) traits on to my children. At least you didn't inherit the clutter gene ;-) so it's not all bad.

I think you will be able to overcome your lack of desire because of the coolness of the things you are learning/want to pass along. And because you have a strong sense of right/wrong, you will make yourself do it!