09 February 2016

calvin the photog

I really don't wear non-maternity shirts anymore, but I thought I'd try one out today. Nope, it doesn't cover the gap.

To remember:
1. I looked at my chart last week at the doc and discovered my "due date" is four days earlier than I thought. So I am either 29 or 29.5 weeks now (big difference).

2. I think I have felt physically better for longer this pregnancy than last, but it is hard to compare because you really do forget. I don't forget that I was miserable, but the amount gets hazy. I am a little nauseated again and have lots of fun heartburn. I know I have felt mentally better. I am continuing the tradition of swearing this is the last time, though (which I have done with each of my lovely children's pregnancies).

3. My weekly jogging has become "jogging," which I guess is fine, but I am hesitant to stop altogether because I am at the point where I feel like I will never be in good shape again. I can feel my muscles deteriorating. Muscles! Come back! Oddly, my "abs" feel really sore a lot of the time. It is the ab-feeling, but they are in the wrong place (ribcage?). It is weird.

4.  This is the snowiest winter in my memory, and it kind of (very much) stinks that at the point where I usually get a little relief from outdoor time I am more indoorsy than ever. It will be fun to not be pregnant at all in the spring, but until then it is lame. So winter is harder but spring will be happier? I hope?
*Also, I must note that having to wear shoes all the time at this point is really a drag. See the post below.

5. I like to feel her move. She seems like she's taking up the whole belly, which sounds stupid because of course she is, but although she doesn't kick or punch as frequently, I think maybe she does more cartwheels.

6. We sort of have a name picked out, but I chose it so I'm not 100% sure about it. When Nate picked the other ones I was much surer. Nate likes it though!

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