01 February 2016

it's february!

I made it through January. WE made it. Good job, everyone. I don't want to be a winter-hater; in fact, I would love to love every time of year. But I am, and I don't, so whilst I attempt to think of a way to change that, I'll just be glad one more month is behind us. Yay. In January I:
1. Hardly read anything! Until the last week, in which I read Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck. It made me want to camp. Also, winter always makes me want to camp, because I can't.
2. Kept running regularly.
3. Entered trimester #3.

The other members of my family built lots of forts in the living room, played with pink baby and 'ittle baby and big baby and horseys, got a new job and watched a lot of tv. And the short ones fought a lot and took excessive baths.

It's February now! In February I:
1. Am 31.5 today. Happy half birthday, me!
2. Am going to a family history conference called Roots Tech all by myself this weekend. For two whole days. It is going to be like a vacation.
3. Will try to keep running but I'm not making any promises.

The other members of my family will build forts in the living room, play with all the babies and horseys, start a new job and watch a lot of tv. And the short ones are going to stop fighting but will continue taking pointless baths.


Jess Stricklan said...

Yay new job! (Yes?) And more to the point, February always feels like it's the longest winter month for me, although it is not. It is the shortest. I feel justified because the word for "February" in Ukrainian is "livid," as in red-in-the-face, smash-all-the-plates, I'm-not-done-with-you-yet winter rage. But the word for March is "birch tree," and April is "flowers," and May is "grass." So there's hope.

Enjoy Roots Tech!

julis said...

I think I love Ukrainian. Getting through January is easier in New Mexico (just sayin'). But still not my favorite. February is better, but almost worse because of the "livid" feeling ("it's still winter?! Nooooooo!"). You can do it, all of you! (and me) Pointless baths for children is not true, because if they're going to be bored and whiney whilst stuck in the house at least they will be clean and smell good.