23 February 2016

noteworthy and sunshiney

 I have noticed a new phenomenon around the house lately. It starts in the morning in my bedroom and the dining room and moves to the kitchen and entry after lunch. It is sunshine from the sky coming into our house to brighten our minds with its rays. It is on the floor and on the couch and between the blinds. I missed it while it was gone for a solid two months, but I didn't remember how much of it there was to miss.

This afternoon was sunny and 37 degrees and my new double jogging stroller arrived so we went for a 1.5 hour long test-drive walk. Like the good old days. I also hadn't realized how much I missed the freedom of a long pointless ramble at my (or long legged Calvin's) pace. Also, special note, I think this is the longest I've gone without eating or going to the bathroom for months. I didn't get a double jogger after Norah was born and we got along fine, and the one I got isn't top of the line or anything but it is quite satisfactory.

I even let Calvin get in and ride down the hill home because he had led us on such a long mystery walk. (Mystery walk = Calvin chooses the direction at each corner, trying to get us lost. "But we always end up somewhere we know!" he said.)

Final note: If you look closely at the top picture, you will see that one of the white spots up high on the hill is not snow but is indeed a long-legged 5-year-old boy. When he ran up there I asked Norah if she thought he could climb that tall hill and she said, "No, he'll probably fall down." And, well, he did, once.

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