14 February 2016

over the mountain to the lake

When my scheme to drive 20 hours to see my parents at their sunny house on a week where we had obligations almost every day began to appear too foolish, I was sorely disappointed. I still sort of think, just say yes, but actually it is a big enough trip that it probably should have happened two weeks ago if I wanted to do it before la bambina arrived.

Anyway, I was grouchy.

Nate said, "Outing! Vitamin D! Leave the inversion behind!" So we did.
 This guy was super grumpy about the idea until we got there, and then he ran around the tundra like a happy crazy polar bear cub. He was even humble enough to admit it was an awesome idea to play on the frozen lake we swim in during the summer.
 Norah doesn't like walking in snow. Little did we realize the thing she is even more terrified of is having an awesome shoulder ride. It was one of those times where we all laugh really hard at the little one's expense.
 We had a profesh photographer with a big crazy camera take this one of us on his way to snap at some of the cracks in the ice. It was so crazy to hear the shifting and cracking. We really weren't very far out at any point so we weren't worried, but it was surprisingly loud.

 Then Nate made me take off my hat and stare at the sun for a while to achieve some Vitamin D.
Jus' Rannin Around
Then we went and got pizza and declared a frozen Bear Lake Day to be a new Peterson Tradition.

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Jess Stricklan said...

Adventure time!