03 March 2016

a day down south

Every time we head south for an excursion I have a list of side-tasks to accomplish but I never get them done. (One being hike the Y! Calvin would love that. Another being go to Trader Joe's...)

Yesterday was limited to the Provo City Center Temple, lunch with our large party, the park, and ok we squeezed Target in.
 Grammy grew up in Orem and the tabernacle was a central part of her life, so she got a few tickets to the transformed temple. We, however, didn't have tickets. When I was asked for them I said I didn't have any, but my in-laws did, and I was looking for them. Also I am hugely pregnant and was carrying a scraggy 2-year-old and trying to keep my 5-year-old from knocking down all the chain fences. Worked like a charm.

We watched the intro movie twice in a row until we found them, deftly avoiding being shepherded with the rest of the tour-goers when we found the Clarks. 
 Calvin said the day had "Too much walking and sitting and not enough eating," by the time we got to the top of the temple. But I loved it. Spiraly staircases galore, ornate hinges, painted ceilings. I spent the whole day, including the drive down and the stop at Target, thinking about how lucky I am. 

Before we left home that morning, I prayed hard that I would be able to handle the frustrating day ahead--because I know that high amounts of sitting, waiting, and non-eating negatively affect my ability to contain frustration. I'm glad I did because Calvin was right about what we did most of the day. And I'm glad we stopped for a snack before we met the group. We would have been goners without it.

After lunch (aka 4:00--Clark standard time is not the same as Peterson standard time...hence the snacks before lunch. I've learned a thing or two in 8 years) we headed to a playground to remedy all of the sitting. After 45 minutes of sunshine and chocolate eating and racing hushi-hashi and burning energy we headed home through some very tedious traffic. Norah happened to think the gridlock was a good place to get carsick, but somehow that didn't even ruin the day. We cleaned it off after a few stinky miles and voila, we were good as new.   
It was what I'd call a Project day. A good way to feel like we skipped Wednesday and an excursion we'll remember. Plus a free lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory (the Clarks may not have my sense of timeframe, but they sure are generous and good company), where Calvin liked his spinach tortellini so much he brought it home to have for breakfast today except that I threw it away. 

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julis said...

I like how Trudy and Carly are coordinated -- not matchy matchy, but coordinated. Life goals!