24 March 2016


 When I got out of bed to use the bathroom early this morning I thought, "It can't be almost morning yet," but it was already 7:07. And no one else was awake. So I went into the kitchen and got out the butter, eggs and flour and started some Dutch babies. Because I was hungry.

**When I recently googled how to keep your Dutch babies from sticking to the pan so badly, all I found was a bunch of people saying, "My husband is Dutch and he's never even heard of these!" What, they're not authentically Dutch?! Duh-tch. Anyway.

It was atypically quiet, me being the only one awake, and I cooked some bacon and drank some Pero and thought about cooking. I am watching the Cooked documentary by Michael Pollan. From my first acquaintance with him, he has been my favorite public voice about food. His philosophy and mine very closely align, especially the part where he says you can eat as much junk food as you want as long as you make it yourself. He thinks that will be a deterrent, but alas, he doesn't know me. Anyway, I love the series, no surprise.

I enjoyed my warm drink and had the Dutchies cooking before anyone else stirred. And then Nate came out and said, "Remember, I have a work breakfast," and I said, "I know. This is for me." Mmm, breakfast.


Jess Stricklan said...

Almost thou persuadest me to be a morning person.

melissa said...

it is easier when there are dutch babies involved.