18 March 2016

hair, lunch, kites, etc

I got a hairbrush a couple of weeks ago. It is the first one I have owned in about a decade. If that grosses you out, well, too bad. I think my hair has been a little fluffier since I started using it.

I asked Calvin to take these pictures of me and he said, "AGAIN?" Because yes, I have asked him to take my picture like twice before. And then he proceeded to take 150,888 pictures. Like he does. We are trying to figure out what to have for lunch...Neither Norah or I will be satisfied with cottage cheese and carrots in about 25 minutes, so we'll have to have second lunch.

 On Saturday Calvin and Nate flew kites for over 37 minutes, which I know because they were out there when I left for my jog and were still there when I hobbled up 37 minutes later. Jogging has become pretty painful for my ankles and achilles...maybe a product of loosening ligaments for labor? I am not very happy about that, but Look At That Sky! Nate took lots of cool pictures of Calvin kiting, and I stole this one from his phone.
This week has been March-ier than most, and I am struggling with that, but Norah knows a photo op when she sees one. 

I will be 35 weeks either tomorrow or early next week, so that's good (ish) news! I will be making strawberry jam during that time, and I just have to warn you what happened last time I was 35 weeks pregnant and made jam!

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