11 March 2016

things and things

March is long and irritating, but since we've been over that before, we'll just skip to a couple of tidbits of note.

The Peterson homemade pizza saga has run this course: I realized I could make it myself and experiment and have lots of pizza fun. Then a few years later I got a wheat grinder and felt like I should grind my own whole wheat flour in order to make it. Also, everyone did Whole30 and made me feel like a poisoner for making pizza dough at all. Then we didn't have pizza very often and when we did, it wasn't great. THEN, I remembered about pre-baking the crust, forgot about grinding whole wheat flour and started using the DALS recipe for dough. Looks like pizza's back on the menu, boys.
NOTE #2 
I am an awesome mom and didn't take Calvin in for his well-check for his 5th birthday (he was well, I was not), so when we learned that kindergarten registration is next week (yay!) I realized we had to get his immunization boosters up to date. No big deal really, unless your husband just started a new job and is not yet eligible for insurance, and the doc's receptionist who you are explaining your gap coverage to is one of those "Everything is impossible and don't make me actually do any work" types, and maybe out of spite but you're not sure you have to wait for an hour even though you were 15 minutes early to your appointment...anyway we obviously made a trip to the bakery after that. He's all shot up  and we won't have to ever go to the doctor again (ha), so we're good.
We (I!) have been on a serious spending spree lately. It's fun! Not really; I hate shopping. And acquiring in general. But after looking at the lanky boys at church whose pants are always too short due to NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, I resolved to make sure Calvin's clothes are at least moderately the right length...of course that is easier said than done, my friends. His legs = weeds, as in growing like. I am always thrilled and unduly proud of how tall he is and how huge his feet are, but then SHOPPING. (Mostly online of course.) Anyway, I think we're about caught up, and at least it's seasonal transition too, so we'd need to do a little bit of acquisition anyway. We need some house stuff too, even though we hit the case lot sale at the grocery store and I have finally developed a (very small and very simple) food storage collection.

We all sing praises about Nate's new job. Hooray!


julis said...

mmmmmm. The bakery. I wish we had one here. If I had an extra couple of thou (that's "thousand," not the proper form of "you"), I'd totally open one in Las Cruces. And make bank, I tell you.

melissa said...

If there were a couple extra of me I'd come down and start a bakery for you. And make bank.