13 April 2016

April time

Today it is dark and rainy, but not in the oppressive, depressing winter way. In the April showers bring May flowers way. I like it and it smells good.

I have accused Nate of having a favorite child lately, based on the photo ratio on his phone. He even took a picture of her feet because they were starting to look too grown-up. However, he corrected me last night by saying whichever child is 2 at the time is the favorite. Because two is really the funniest, especially minus the all-day whining that one may not notice as much if one is working hard to make a buck all day. So, apologies all around to anyone who may have been hurt by my accusations.

We decided to set an induction date for Newbaby just in case she continues to be more-than-comfortable inside me. We all hope we don't get there but I'm trying not to be desperate. (Although I did have the doctor sweep my membranes yesterday just to see if anything would happen. I'm just a little sick of everyone's disappointed faces and voices when they see my giant belly and ask, "Haven't you had that baby yet?" Cuz I'm actually not due for almost two weeks.)

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