27 April 2016

1 week old: some stats covering the last 7 days

 I got 2-3 hours of sleep each night last week
Last night I got more like 7 (not in a row, but so what)
I have watched 6 episodes of "Secrets of British Castles" after midnight
We have received 3 delivered meals so far
Maggie has met 2 great grandparents (and one great great uncle)
She has gone on 2 family walks
I have made 0 batches of cookies
We have washed 4 loads of dirty baby clothes and blankets
She has dirtied about a million diapers (which is funny because by this point in Norah's career she had finally dirtied one)
She has had 2 sponge baths
I have gotten dressed into non-stretchy clothes 1 time
We are a family of 5

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Catherine said...

Hooray Magnolia!! Hooray for 5!