26 April 2016

my little magnolia tree

Last Tuesday I thought  my water broke. The doctor's office sent me up to Labor and Delivery where after a few hours they confirmed that I was crazy and wishful thinking and sent me home. Then we set up an appointment for me to be induced the next day.

We didn't know what to name our little Maggie, and sometimes I call her other names that aren't hers; usually Norah but sometimes Calvin or unrelated names that weren't even on the short list, like Marigold. Sorry Mags! 

To make a short story short, her arrival happened roughly like so: After getting some pitocin in me, my doctor broke my water at 12:15. Within 15 minutes I summoned the good anesthesiologist and by 1:00 his job was done and one very very intense hour of crazy sped-up labor was complete. After the epidural had kicked in, I had dilated from a 4 to an 8 which then turned into a 10 and we summoned my good doctor for some entirely painless pushing that lasted about 5 minutes. Nate took a pretty cool live-action shot of the arrival, which I will spare you, but I'm glad he did. And voila! Another daughter, born at 2:15. She has a circle head and very long fingers and fuzzy cheeks, which I love.

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