28 April 2016


We didn't document leaving the hospital with Magnolia, but it was basically like Kate Middleton and George as you can imagine.

I thought about prolonging our stay another night, but by 10 am after the first night of a million interruptions to check my heart rate (yes I am in fact still alive!) and total boredom I was ready to go actually rest at home, where I knew Nate would take care of everyone. We of course waited sixteen hours for the billirubin tests as always, but at last we were free. And this time, I didn't feel like I was stealing a baby! Third time's a charm.

Today, Maggie went to Lee's for the first time, and that's how I know we are really home and re-entering life.


Catherine said...

Ooh, I'm glad to know that stealing a baby feeling goes away the third time! She is the sweetest baby you never stole :)

julis said...

i was imagining it just like Kate & George! You are a champ, & Magnolia is a pretty little tree.