04 April 2016

weekend gold

 The weekend really was wonderful. The sun was out, the sun was OUT! Ah finally. It really has hardly shown its face this spring, and we all got a wee bit pink enjoying it so thoroughly. We even ate our burgers out on the patio on Saturday, although it was very slightly too chilly for it. 

I really liked conference, too. Especially Sunday, and including the hour of it I slept through. That hour was awesome. And thanks to the internet, I didn't even miss anything. So win-win-win.
I still managed to feel a little too pregnant, and unhappy about that. I am the worst endurer. Probably seriously the worst.

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Catherine said...

THE SUN!!!! So glorious :) It was nice here for awhile but now it's snowing intermittently here again. *WOMP WOMP* p.s. No one is good at enduring the last few weeks of pregnancy. No matter how much I like being pregnant, those last few weeks turn me into a grumpy monster. You can do it!