26 May 2016

annual brotherly sighting

It is cool and very lame when your siblings are cool and do cool things and live in cool places. And cooler and lamer when they're moving to Moldova in a few months (just take a minute to google it, don't worry I had to do it too).
We really wish these kids lived closer to us so we could do things like play board games strictly by the rules and let our kids fight/play/do stuff together while we eat good food (made by the Stricklans, who are much  better chefs than I am anymore).
But until then (e.g. never), we'll annual sight each other and call it good enough.


Catherine said...

I wish it were more than just an annual sighting too!!! Thanks for coming down to see us though--we were so glad to hang out with you!

melissa said...

Catherine, I think you're awesome and I'm sad we don't see more of each other. It was worth the trip!