06 May 2016

hearts and flowers

Calvin said, "You know when something is so cute that it makes your eyes water? That's what happens when I look at Maggie."

So you may be thinking, "Is this kid for real?!" He is. Really real. Maybe that's why I cried when I looked at this picture while I was feeding Mags this morning, or maybe it is because he looks 14, or maybe it was because we were outside yesterday when the wind picked up and blew apple blossom petals all around my beautiful first born and then it started to rain, or maybe it is because I was nursing a baby and have absurd hormones at the moment.


Catherine said...

You have incredibly beautiful children :)

julis said...

Me too, Calvin. Also, my eyes water when I look at you. And Norah. And Jack. And Niko. And Miri. And George. It just grows and grows!